We deal with different insulation materials that can help you achieve the induction furnaces for your appliances. They are usually required when you want to reduce the heat of a product with the process of conduction. To provide complete support, we offer our insulation materials in different sizes, shapes, and dimensions.

Insulation tapes are a combination of pressure-sensitive rolls based on some paper materials. They are used to enhance the electrical property of material while minimizing the waste of energy in the process. The additional paper material provides the required flexibility to the insulation tapes. To apply these adhesive tapes, you need to press the side to the surface of the appliance.

They can be used to insulate the conductors with a proper solution. You can manufacture it with different materials. Thus, we provide a wide range of insulation tapes that goes with the needs of our clients. Due to its elasticity, one can easily use it for long-lasting insulation.

We also provide a range of industrial insulation tapes that makes them a fit for the load-bearing materials. Hence, if you are looking for a substitute to fasteners and welds, these insulation tapes can be the perfect choice for you.

Different materials such as wood, rubber, glass, plastics can use this material for a strong bond.

Features of Insulation Materials:

● Passed Quality Checks
● Provides better stability
● More Adhesive
● Offers Long Length
● Water Proof
● Easy to use and install

Main Uses of Insulation Materials:

● E-cycle & E-scooter
● Medical Purposes
● Helps in reducing time and weight
● Enhance battery performance
● Provides better backup (for Backup Devices)
● Card Swipe Machine Compatible

Some of our Best Insulation Materials

Kapton Tape

You can use them to stable the heat releasing appliances under different conditions. Similarly, they can stable the high vibrations of any product by dampening its movements. These Polymide films are a suitable resistant that can maintain the electrical strength while conserving the excess energy of the material.

To provide better options to our clients, we have introduced a wide range of Kapton tapes. You can get these industrial adhesive tapes that go with different types of materials to provide stability. Our focus for these tapes is to provide a sustainable material that can help you achieve the right temperature for your appliances. However, there is no limit to the use of this material for industrial purposes.

Duct Tape

Scrim backed cloth other materials are used to manufacture these pressure-sensitive tapes. Their coating with polyethylene makes them a great adhesive for industrial appliances.

However, there is a variation that does not include cloth and makes it a suitable heat resistor. This variation includes a heat-resisting foil that guarantees the adhesive property with proper insulation. You can always count on this tape when a regular tape fails to maintain the temperature.

Double-Sided Foam Tape

Here is another useful type of insulation tapes. The double-sided foam tapes serve multiple purposes and are not limited to the gaskets and sealing. You can also use them in bonding, thermal insulation, and dampening of vibration.

You must have heard about the problem of vibration in different appliances. These tapes can dampen those vibrations and provide you a stable working of appliances.

It is because of the adhesives that can be found on both sides of these foam tapes. It is useful when you want to keep different materials bonded while giving them enough space to expand. One such example is the mounting application, where you need to keep the materials together while performing two different tasks.

Insulation Rubber Sheet

You can also get high-quality insulation rubber sheets which are easy to use and does not require much effort to install. You can easily clean and maintain them with basic knowledge. They have great resistance from acids, alkalis, high temperatures, and oil products.

It is crucial for the workmen's safety as they provide an additional layer of security. You can protect them from electric shocks by installing these rubber sheets. All the rubber sheets go through several tests to ensure that you get high-quality materials. Our team of manufacturers complies with all the safety measures and advice you to do it for your workmen as well.

Our quality checks ensure that you get the best quality insulation materials. Try ARB ACCESSORIES once and feel the difference yourself.