Pondering how to charge your EV anywhere and anytime? Here we are with the unique solution that offers an ideal remedy to EV charging. Lithium-ion batteries are not unknown to anyone. Hence, these rechargeable batteries provide power to electric vehicles (both electricity and fuelpowered) and portable devices. Nowadays lithium-ion stands as the power source for most electric vehicles. Its high power-to-weight ratio, optimal energy efficiency, minimal self-discharge, and efficient high-temperature performance make it ideal for charging the EVs.

Lithium-ion batteries are one of the finest choices for electric vehicles, grid storage, and portable devices. A large number of EV manufacturers are coming up with the latest offers on electrified models. But still, the concern remains on time required for recharging and range anxiety. The high current essential for the running of the process reduces energy efficiency. It causes accelerated capacity as well as power fade. Therefore, fast charging is a problem. One needs to understand the insights of the atom to the system level to improve the performance of fast charging.

Electric vehicle manufacturers promise to address security issues as well as climate changes. Hence, they plan to come up with several options. These vehicles will cut carbon emissions that assist in addressing climate change. In the recent future, EVs can be the righteous substitute for the fuel-powered cars. Expectedly, these vehicles will come up in a longer range with a lower cost of the battery.

ARB Accessories is a leading EV Charging manufacturer aiming to bring change in charging technology. We focus on manufacturing top-notch chargers. Our company offers fast charging passenger vehicles, ground support equipment, and material handling. We aim to provide safe and easy chargers. Top-class automakers consider our latest charging systems as the best charging solutions for their make.

We, here at ARB Accessories, help you to choose the better option. Our company always looks for promoting environmentally-friendly mobility. Hence we offer our clients the best high- performance chargers for electric vehicles. We bring to you the righteous solution for charging your EV. Moreover, we stand by your side as well as your customers. We serve both companies and at home. ARB Accessories always look for providing the fastest, easiest, and efficient charging solution.


1. Is it true that different manufacturers of the EVs (electric vehicles) use different chargers?

Well, different electric vehicles use different standards of chargers. There are some of the charging standards used globally by Electric vehicles. Hence some names are Type 2 Connectors, CHAdeMO, GB/T, and CCS.

2. Is there any difference between electric vehicle chargers such as level 1, level 2, and level 3?

Yes, a difference exists between electric vehicles such as level 1, level 2, and level 3. Differentiating the level 1, level 2 and level 3 electric chargers are;

Level 1 Chargers - This type of charger use a plug of 120 V AC. Level 1 Chargers can connect with a standard electric outlet. It does not require any further installation of equipment. These batteries are easy for usage.

Level 2 Chargers - - This sort of batteries goes well with the charging at residential and commercial spaces. For the resident, it makes use of 240V plug whereas for commercial usage 208 V plug is used. You need a professional electrician to install the same. Even they work well with the solar panel system.

Level 3 Chargers - - DC Fast Chargers is the other name for Level 3 Chargers. This sort of battery is ideal for commercial as well as industrial applications. Specialized professionals use high power equipment to install and maintain the same. In Level 3 Chargers, electricity flows in a single direction only. This feature of the DC fast Chargers makes it suitable for commercial and industrial usage.

3. Which chargers are suitable for an electric vehicle?

In the market, different types of electric vehicles are available. Having a resemblance to the same, these vehicles use different chargers. Therefore the primary types of Chargers for EV are standard AC chargers, fast chargers, and rapid chargers.

4. What is the working style of the EV Charger?

Primarily EV chargers are available in 2 types. Here, we go;

AC Chargers – Considering the simple way of charging, the AC Chargers come into mind. These types of charger power the on-board charger of the electric vehicle. Hence the power converts to DC. Hence it entersthe battery. Moreover, these chargers save space. In contrast, they take a longer time to charge. Absolutely, these chargers come efficient for home, workplaces, and shopping malls.

DC chargers – On the contrary to the AC chargers, DC chargers provide direct current to the battery. Moreover, it overpowers all the minus points of the on-board chargers. It takes much lesser time to charge a vehicle. Factors like battery size, dispenser’s output, and other factors influence the time of charging.


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