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Battery Management System


All the management of a battery is taken care of by the Battery Management System, aka BMS. It monitors and manages all the factors related to safety, charging, and performance of a battery.

A Battery management system is a valuable part of every battery and requires proper focus to create one. The lithium-ion batteries use this technology, and it is equally crucial to know about its working as the material itself. ARB has been working with different companies to provide a reliable service for different products. It includes the BMS that helps the li-ion batteries to function in a new and advanced way.

Today, thousands of appliances work on our BMS and deliver the desired results to our valuable customers. Thousands of customers have adapted our technology due to its never-ending benefits. Additionally, we share all the necessary information and tips to help our customers take care of their batteries on their own.

As we provide raw materials, we assist our clients with all the information and research they require to create the batteries. In most of the cases, companies can take as much as a year to complete their production of the battery. However, we provide full support to ensure that their product is proper for the end-user, i.e., your customers. Additionally, we offer after-sale support to our customers to ensure that they do not face any problem with the products.

You can get all the guides and research along with the materials to help you succeed. It is one of the main mantras of our working to provide better opportunities to the clients.

Long Term Solution

That is why our BMS is designed as a long term solution for our client needs while considering their safety. Our advanced technology and algorithms ensure better measurements for:

● Enhanced Charging with New Technology
● Better range in every charge
● Better Battery Life
● Fast and efficient balancing
● Safe and easy-to-use tools

Purpose Of BMS

There are different purposes of the BMS that works for the appliances. Some of them are:

● It provides an enhanced safety feature that is a necessary aspect of the li-ion battery
● Provides the alerts and notifications to make aware of the situation. It may be related to the increasing temperature or any other security hazard
● Indicates when the battery life is getting low and needs a replacement
● Indicate the state of function and usage to keep you updated with the battery performance



The battery management system by ARB is equipped with some exciting features. These features are designed to serve the needs of our clients and help them do the same for their customers.

The main feature of the BMS by ARB are:

These were some of the features of the BMS. However, all the models have different features to offer, and it is recommended to check the features going order the parts.

It may seem like an easy process, but building a reliable BMS is a challenging task. Providing an accurate state of function and battery power requires much more than fluid use. A regular battery may show the exact readings with the fuel, but a lithium-ion battery requires a proper focus to ensure the correct value of the battery power.

Additionally, it protects while charging the battery. In the case of a short circuit, it will disconnect the charging and control the damage.

Tasks like protecting the battery of the electric vehicle and hybrid vehicles is a challenging task that is well performed by our team. Some of the established BMS is SMBus, LIN bus, and CAN bus

This BMS monitors the charge in Coulumb and enables the capacity estimation, in case the charges start to drop. However, to get the most accurate readings, it is recommended to fully discharge the battery and then monitor it while charging it. It will help you know the exact charge of the battery that will be used to develop a better technology to retain it.

There are many other tools and researches that you get along with our BMS.


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