ARB is a big name in the lithium-ion batteries and has been leading the industry for the past few years. A mission of delivering powerful, safe, and reliable batteries, is powering their journey to serve their customers. With Better efficiency and power, our raw materials are used by the leading battery manufacturers in the industry. Almost all big companies use our materials to ensure the right quality for their customers.

We continue our efforts in research and manufacturing to provide new and better features to the end-user.

Cell: The Powerhouse Of The Battery

A cell is the most crucial part of a battery as its power and efficiency predict the overall quality. There are different factors and criteria where a cell functions to meet the demands of the customers. From a car battery to the regular batteries, the need for high power and energy remains constant.

Additionally, there are features like long battery life. Safety and affordability that depend on cell power. Our researchers keep looking for better ways to use and advance the cell technology of the batteries. We expect that future technology will bring some changes to deal with some other issues.

Type of Li-ion Battery Cells Available

Cylindrical battery cell

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular shapes for the battery cells. Most of the primary and secondary batteries use this cell for the packaging style. The reasons for their popularity are the stability and ease of manufacturing. A tubular cylindrical cell can stand a high pressure without losing its stable performance. Hence, they have everything that includes long battery life, ease of use, and affordability.

These batteries work in electrical appliances that require low power energy. However, they can be used for custom appliances and can be provided with additional power. Some of the most common appliances that work on these cells are laptops, toys, and medical instruments. The cell length varies as per the requirement of the appliances.

Prismatic Cell

A prismatic cell helps in utilizing the space cell providing the maximum power and stability. Additionally, this design allows manufacturers to design much thinner cells for small equipment. It is a great example of advanced technology as they use the layered material to optimize space. You can find these cells in mobile phones and TV remotes. However, a similar design works to create some heavy-use cells for powerhouses.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells By ARB

Here is the latest addition to the different types of cells. The LiFePO4 cells by ARB are made for heavy uses capable of providing high energy and power. These rechargeable batteries are manufactured to serve the power needs of the automobile, home appliances, and other industries. The solution of lithium iron phosphate increases the power and life of the battery. However, the design works great for high volume density and power.

There are different types of batteries prepared with this technology. All of them are design considering factors such as cost, life, power, efficiency, and weight. People choose batteries that satisfy all their requirements and works great for a long time. However, be assured of the quality, regardless of the battery you prefer. You may find the initial cost a bit on the expensive side, but they turn out as a great long term investment.

How ARB is Creating Value For Battery Manufactures?

With the help of Allocation Agreements, we have ensured the supply of required resources to the manufacturers. You can get multiple trade and inventory management benefits by collaborating with our company.

ARB deals in all the necessary raw materials required to manufacture a high power battery. Our program aims to meet the requirements of the BMS and ESS manufacturers at the most affordable rate. We have leveraged our financing facility to ensure that every customer can be a part of this change.