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Lithium Battery Boxes/Cases/Housing

Additionally, we have considered the need for electric vehicle batteries and have provided a reliable solution to store them. You do not need to worry about safety as they have passed the quality checks. Moreover, they are much competitive in cost-effectiveness with other battery manufacturers.

Battery Case

We consider every battery requirement and have created two types of battery cases, namely for the base and a lid. The base is helpful when you want to prevent the spilled acid from getting to the floor. On the other hand, the lid makes it easy to maintain your cable configuration.

We offer different types of battery cases, including:


One can easily create different types of plastics by changing the proportion of the three main constituents. They are butadiene, styrene, and acrylonitrile. Hence to provide better stability, our research department performs different experiments to offer the best quality of ABS casing.

The plastic that we produce helps maintain the battery’s low temperature by providing a better toughness to the cover. On top of that, we provide excellent appearance with multiple color choices that make it better than most other battery cases

However, it depends on the requirements of our clients, and we are always open to customizations.


Metal casing battery cases are also famous because they provide high safety assurance.

They resist the external Force damage and can also be used to provide additional security from other hazards. One can easily cover the battery with metal cases and make it water and dustproof.

We have ensured that our battery cases can be installed according to our client requirements. You can easily add handles, connectors, and sockets for their convenience.

As far as the inside structure is concerned, you can easily install the gasket sheets that provide more stability to the battery pack. ARB accessories focus on a different type of battery cases for the Lithium-ion batteries. Almost every product manufactured by ARB accessories goes through several layers of security and quality checks before going for the production unit.


One of the most challenging tasks with every battery manufacturer is to arrange the battery cells. To utilize every inch of space, manufacturers maintain different types of layers of the battery cells.

However, these layers require a proper battery case to provide stability to the battery cases and avoid leakage. After assembling the battery, one can easily lead it’s a laser to give a better welding process.


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