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ARB has always focused on introducing innovative technology in front of the world. The Original Equipment Manufacturer solutions of ARB have provided to be the best choice in every challenge. This technology is used to build standard products for our business partners. We understand how crucial a role an OEM partnership plays in product manufacturing. That is why we consider every minor detail of our clients to maintain their standards in production and delivery. Our services are not limited to engineering and designing as we provide a full solution for our manufacturers. Our Development team is motivated to help our clients prioritize the performance and their experience. You can trust us as with your requirements as we are one of the companies offering complete battery solutions to our customers. Launching a new product is a risky game. There can be different challenges that need to be handled by manufacturing experts. You can trust us as your partner to avoid all the risk factors and focus on the performance of your product.


We understand our client’s requirements and work together to provide premium battery manufacturing services. No matter if you need a pre-designed or custom battery, we have a solution for all your needs.


With the right team of professionals, we offer some instant services to our clients. You can connect with our engineers and use their experience as the base for your innovative design. Additionally, you can get the expert’s supervision throughout the development cycle. It will shorten your development time to improve your revenue and maintain the cash flow.


We have worked hard to become one of the leading manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries. Throughout these years, we have focused on the customer experience of our clients. Hence, partnering with us means that your customers will get premium services with your products. The reliability and performance of our batteries will force your customers to appreciate your products.

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Battery pack products require the right set of parts to deliver the premium performance to the end customers. Our focus is to ensure the cost-effectiveness and the overall performance of our batter parts. We have gathered the valuable feedbacks of our customers and have created the right technology to utilize the maximum power of batteries.

Additionally, we have experience in Lithium-ion, and LFP battery pack and their assemblies. On our projects, we start with our client’s design and try to follow all their requirements with complimentary improvements in the final product. This way, ARB accessories ensure the quality and performance of our long-lasting batteries.

We help different industries in multiple applications for the medical, aerospace, military, and portable device industry. All you need is to contact our development team and get the most experienced manufacturers to handle your project at the most affordable rate

Getting white label batteries from the leading manufacturers can do wonders for your company. Just order any of the battery types from us and use it under your brand name. The batteries are fully customizable with design and technology. Either get the pre-assembled battery and save time or customize your battery to meet your marketing requirements.

To offer you better services, we can create a small protocol sample of your design. It will help you understand whether the battery protocol works with your requirements or not. Put your product on the experiment and get an idea of what you are dealing with through this process.

ARB batteries have experience in helping different industries with small and big requirements. Most of the companies need some custom batteries that go with their business operations. It is an affordable and reliable solution to meet your requirements without compromising with quality.

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