Barley Paper is pure cellulose, hence used in different appliances, and has multiple applications. The electrical properties of these insulation papers have made it possible to use them for portable lithium-ion batteries as well. The best thing about cellulose is that it is a good insulator while being polar. Polar means that it always possesses a dielectric constant that is more than 1.

With innovations, the way of using Barley paper is improving day by day more than before. Initially, the major use was in gasket material for batteries. However, they are now the electrical insulator that helps in building the powerful lithium-ion batteries. The tab of the barley paper fits on the positive terminal to maintain the insulation. It also provides additional protection while welding the nickel tabs to the other terminal. However, you can contact us to get a tailored barley paper for your battery requirements.

These fish papers made from the vulcanized fiber are durable and flexible electrical insulators. They are used with the gasket insulation and the motor windings. However, there are many other options to use for transformers. One such option is using dielectric paper to work great with the gasket insulations. On the other hand, fish papers can swell the moisture absorption process.

Features of Insulation Gasket Barley paper

They provide a good solution while being much flexible than other materials. Additionally, they are water and oil resistance to provide additional security to the appliances.

The anode point of this battery holds 18650 cells on its hallow insulation.

It comes with functions of insulation that provides better mechanical strength to the battery. It is also responsible for the flexibility and elasticity of the cells.

The most crucial feature of this gasket barley paper is that it is corrosion-resistant. All the acid corrosion can not impact its strength, and it improves the life & durability of the battery.

Advantages Of Insulation Gasket Barley paper

Mechanical Strength: This insulation gasket barley paper has great mechanical strength. Additionally, it helps to provide dielectric properties.

Fibrous: Fish paper insulation is fibrous making it the right part for mechanical strength.

Heat resistance: It is one of the most powerful heat resistance insulation paper you will ever come across. The cellulose insulation is way more than the plastic insulation.

Flexibility: The insulation gasket barley paper has more flexibility than plastic at medium or low temperature. That is why it is considered as the ideal insulator for a lithium-ion battery.

Linear Insulation: It provides linear insulation for electrical appliances such as E-grade motors.

Applications Of Insulation Gasket Barley paper

● Lithium-Ion Batteries
● Electrical appliances (instruments)
● Automotive industry to create crucial parts of the vehicles
● Circuits & Circuit breaker
● Electronic Devices
● Insulation of Railroad Track
● Electricity Fuse and their Tubes

It is not limited to the lithium-ion batteries as the small motors also use the Insulation Gasket Barley Paper. Gasket and electrical insulation slot require the insulation for the proper functioning. Especially the insulations that cannot bear more than 120-degree heat requires it to provide stability.