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Assembly And Testing Machine

Different Machines For the Electrochemical Test Services:

Our test system for battery charge and discharge offers a high precision from μA to 1MW packs. It is designed to test the high-quality lithium-ion batteries with capacitors. Hence, it is an excellent choice for product research, testing, and quality checks.


ARB Accessories, being the leading supplier of battery production equipment, provides highquality material for testing and line assembling equipment, manufacturing equipment, and other raw materials. Our focus is to provide a complete solution for all your battery equipment needs. However, we do not forget about the quality and commitment while delivering our award-winning support to the clients.

We also test the products for all the small and large companies that deal with Lithium-ion batteries.

Overview Services

ARB Accessories is a complete solution that guides you from the early stage to managing a largescale manufacturing company. Whether you are looking for some advanced technology to replace your product parts or some consultancy to scale your business, you can get it from us. We have a team of battery engineers who can touch our innovative technology to your manufacturing operations. ARB Accessories focus on delivering high-quality products and services to the manufacturing companies. We also give our advice for the cell manufacturers who go through a complicated process of creating sustainable batteries. It includes recommendations on purchases, tools, raw materials, and other machinery


Get the proper solutions for the cylindrical battery, such as 26650, 18650, and 21700 cells. This cell sorting machine is an excellent equipment for battery manufacturers to test their batteries’ voltage and resistance.

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Lithium- A Decision You Will Never Regret

ARB accessories are the industry leader for the automatic lithium battery production machines. Hence, our products are widely used in manufacturing, testing, and assembling the li-ion batteries in different industries like Solar products, power banks, electric vehicles, etc. Our services are not limited to the manufacturing technology as we also provide battery raw materials to fulfill our client’s requirements. Hence, using our machines is a great way to upgrade your manufacturing operations and effectively expand your business. Additionally, you can get our consulting services to help you start a new battery manufacturing company from scratch. We have a base of more than a thousand clients who trust us with their battery production and testing. Our machinery and consultancy services ensure they get the most out of their investment.



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