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Pure Nickle Strip


Due to its capabilities of holding multiple properties, Nickel use in different applications. Some of them are:

Pure Nickle Strip

Unlike others, we do not compromise with the purity of the nickel. It is because the conductivity and effectiveness of nickel depend heavily on its purity. However, there is a small amount of impurity that may get into the product while casting it. To avoid this, we try to maintain the lowest temperature that prevents the impurities from getting into the material.

Nickel strips are used as the battery connectors because they have 20-30% more conductivity than other materials. The manufactures look for high conductivity because it allows them to produce batteries in different sizes and shapes. That too, without worrying about the capabilities of the battery to handle power and heat.

Further Details

More Details About Properties of Pure Nickel


Our Nickel Strips offer some premium advantages over the regular nickel strips. Some of them are:

Nickel strips in its pure form offer the better conductivity of electricity. It means that there will be minimal resistance to the electricity in our Nickel Strips.

Enhanced weldability due to its close composition of atoms. You can change it to any shape you want.

Works great with the rechargeable batteries of smartphones, laptops, and other electrical gadgets. The application of the nickel strip can go as far as the military appliances.

Advanced technology reducing the lead time with the standard and constant tempers.


All the battery building processes use nickel for their properties. It has the welding property and high resistance to the corrosion that makes it an ideal material for the batteries. To minimize the battery corrosion, some other materials can add with nickel. However, nickel can resist the corrosive environment against most of the corrosion types.

Manufacturers focus on avoiding the rusting of batteries because it can affect the efficiency and power of the battery pack. Hence, nickel is the most qualified material to be used in the manufacturing of batteries. However, some of the dealers try to replace it with the nickel-plated steel to save some extra money. It is the most common mistake that can increase the electrical resistivity of the battery.


At ARB, we manually check all the Nickel strips for its quality. They go through different quality checks to ensure there is no defected piece going to supply to our business partners. Contact us to know more about the process of getting the nickel strips for the production of your batteries.


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