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PVC Tube/ Heat Shrink



Heat shrink tubing, better known as heat shrink, is a tube that contracts spirally on exposure to heat. The manufacturing process of this material is a two-step process, and you can easily access it in a vast range of tools. You can easily use heat shrink for lamination, as it protects the surface from external impacts. Moreover, it’s compatible with any design of conductor, and can be to seal cable entries for protection from the external factors.

The manufacturing team carries out fabrication by using different chemical compounds. However, the scale and the degree of application determines its composition. Whether the material wall is microscopically thin, or bulky, each variant is designed precisely to fulfill the environmental requirements. Expansion ratio, recovery rate, and the difference in expansion rate are the factors of judgment for its rating.

One of the most commonly used materials used in heat shrink tubing is Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC. The material has a wide range of applications and a flawless surface. Another name for PVC, when used with cables, is “Heat Shrink Sleeves.” Pros like a slim wall, affordable PVC battery packing material makes it the best material for electrical insulation. Moreover, it has one of the lowest shrink temperatures of all tubes. As the name says, we made the tubing to contract into place and become sturdy on applying heat. In turn, it evolves a durable protective covering.

ARB selects all the raw materials with strict guidelines. Moreover, ARB tests the shrinkable tubing to check the consistency of performance in the toughest situations. We recommend you to check all the specifications and heat shrink ratios mentioned on our PVC tubing. Doing this will help us ensure a product that will perform best according to your needs. In case you didn’t find your desired product, contact the ARB support.

More About PVC Tubes:

The selection of tubing made by ARB has a wide range of applications. You can use our semisolid, and ultra-slim PVC for insulation and coating of EV batteries, solar cells, equipment, and capacitors for use in the manufacturing of industrial machines, electronics, Pharmaceuticals, and customer products. The resistance towards most chemicals and oils makes heat shrink PVC a great electrical insulator.

ARB”s heat shrink products guarantee great stress control unusual insulation, durable weathering performance, easy to install, and a trustworthy performance in a contaminated environment. A huge network of skilled engineering companies and the guarantee of ARB’s service manages every great shrink product.


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