When it comes to battery spot welding needles, ARB accessories is the leading provider. ARB's needles possess better conductivity and temperature resistant properties. The material is specially designed for spot welding: Nickel strip, Nickel lamina, stainless steel strip, aluminum, copper planes, and other metals

Battery spot welding needles are an ideal electrode for producing batteries, maintaining, and processing. You can apply it to nickel hydride, nickel-cadmium, polymer, and lithium cells. Moreover, using it for spot welding connection, batteries, and other electrical is hassle-free in producing batteries.

You can modify it to various shapes, specifications, and parameters to serve the best.


● Prevent the Stick Phenomenon
● Prevent the empty solder Phenomenon
● Prevent the welding spark Phenomenon
● Better conductivity and thermal conductivity
● Better high-temperature performance
● Welding parts won’t be yellow
● Welding points are spectacular


● Cell phone battery
● Laptop battery
● Electric Vehicle battery
● Digital camera battery
● Solar Lantern Battery
● POS Machine and other Batteries

You can apply the spot welding needles to nickel hydride, nickel-cadmium, polymer, lithium cells, and many more. You can also use it for spot welding connection strap, cell of batteries, and other equipment in producing batteries.