Sheets are the most versatile material to provide the required insulation to a device. Their versatility allows them to fulfill the different needs of electrical and mechanical appliances. Our production focuses majorly on the machined sheets to improve the overall insulation of the device. Additionally, we provide multiple components which are manufactured while considering the needs and requirements of our customers.

Epoxy Sheets are a unique combination of glass fabric and epoxy resin with a touch of filler. It is considered as one of the best insulating appliances for mechanical and electrical appliances for the same reason.

The best thing about them is that they can maintain the insulation even at a higher temperature. Hence, a component with higher mechanical or electrical energy can be utilized with these epoxy sheets.

Additionally, the electrical components at a higher temperature can use components such as transformers, electrical machines, and body equipment.

Characteristics Of Epoxy Sheet

The popular characteristic of the epoxy sheets are their fire and tracking resistance. Their lamination with the fiberglass ensures that you can utilize all the electrical power in your appliances. These are available in U-profile with different tube dimensions. They are usually suitable for electrical appliances due to their tracking resistance.

It provides better resistance, emits less smoke, and high temperature to become perfect insulation for different purposes. This safe and effective material has a low level of a toxic substance to ensure the overall performance of your devices.

The addition of alkali-free glass fiber helps them bear different temperatures and environmental conditions. Almost every transformer can use this property to provide a stable source of electricity for commercial purposes.

Different Tests:

● Tensile Strength
● Absorbed Water Test
● Limited Temperature test
● Compressed Strength
● Cross-breaking Strength

Advantages Of Using Epoxy Sheet

Anti-Corrosion: You do not need to worry about the corrosion on your devices.

Humid Environment: It does not lose its stability in the Humid environment.

Temperature Resistance:It can resist high temperature to maintain the working of your application.

High Mechanical Strength:It can be used where you require high mechanical strength in the application.

Works With Different types of machinery: It is suitable for different types of electrical and mechanical machinery.

Applications Of Epoxy Sheet

There is a wide range of applications for these sheets. Some of them are:

According to the NEMA Grade G10: it works with the mechanical and electrical appliances without increasing its temperature. Hence, you can expect better electrical properties, even in a humid environment.

According to the NEMA Grade FR-4:At room temperature, you can get higher mechanical strength in a dry or humid environment. Similarly, you can achieve higher electrical strength in the same conditions as well.

According to the NEMA Grade G11:At room temperature, you can get better electrical strength that can be used to manufacture the insulation parts for the electrical appliances.

To support the needs of different clients, ARB ACCESSORIES is committed to provide multiple options in our Epoxy Sheets.