Cylindrical Battery Cell Holder

Flexible, Effective, and Long Lasting Cell Holder

Our premium cell holders are made of ABS+PC material, capable of bearing high temperature and multiple cracks in a cell. These Cylindrical battery cell holders have been helping thousands of battery manufacturers to meet their customer’s expectations. The best thing is that they can be combined to create a battery pack in different sizes and shapes. Just wield the nickel tabs and pass any vibration test without any device to the battery pack. These solid and reliable batteries are way powerful than a lithium-ion battery.

Our cell holder brackets are more convenient to hold the cells due to their flexible design. Additionally, you get a great design that makes it a perfect companion for the battery of your appliances. As far as their resistance is concerned, they can bear up to a very high degree of temperature without any crack in their design. It is due to the use of high-quality ABS+PC material that is strong, solid, eco-friendly, and flexible at the same time. They come with tiny plastic notches that make it easier to attach them with another battery and create a solid pack to use in a device. You can use it as a battery holder for robots, emergency lights, and appliances that requires multiple cells to operate.

Additionally, you can design a battery pack with these cell holders and use them in a customized appliance without having to worry about the battery design.

Features of ARB Battery Cell Holder

You must have got an idea of how useful and reliable these cell holders are. It is a reliable solution to the need for different appliances.

Here are some of the features of the ARB battery cell holder:

Flexible: These battery cell holders are flexible and make it easier to hold any battery cell you want. Additionally, they make it easier to create a battery pack without worrying about the size of the batteries.

Simple to use: They have a simple design that makes it easier to use. You do not need to have any knowledge to put batteries together with this compact design.

Secure: Their design ensures that there are no shocks and vibration while using the batteries.

Bear High Resistance: The most crucial feature of this cell holder is that it can bear very high degree of temperature. It can be used in any appliance without worrying about the heating.

Crack Resistance: It can help you hold any battery without causing a crack in the design. It is due to the flexible material and the rhythm of the slot with the firm

Bigger Installation Hole: It comes with a battery installation hole of 18.3mm diameter. Additionally, it is attached with a linked structure to ensure that every size of the battery can fit in the design.

No device required: You can perform the Nickel plate test for vibration without connecting it to any device.

Multiple Options: It provides options to assemble the batteries as per your requirements. You can simply attach the cell holders to create the desired battery pack with it.

Fire Resistance: They are made with fire-resistant material to minimize the effects of fire on the cell holders and the appliance.

Few Things To Consider While Creating Battery Packs With Cell Holders

We believe that you already know the precautions while creating a battery pack with the cell holders. However, here are some of the things that you should consider to avoid any damage to the appliance or the cell holder:

1. If you are using the cell holders to create a li-ion battery, then you should install a PCB for the following:

2. Over-charging Protection (Turn on/off)

● Low battery Protection
● Maximum Usage Protection ( when the battery is draining drastically)
● Short-circuit Protection

Store the batteries at room temperature to avoid any chemical activity in the battery.

The maximum temperature should not exceed the 80-degree Celcius.