Lithium batteries are arguably the best solution for the most effective power storage system. They offer better power with an effective ratio for the weight and the size of the battery. You can expect them to provide 1.5x better current than its alternatives. That is the reason why you see the lithiumion batteries in every industry.

However, they require proper care to maintain battery power and its lifespan. We, at ARB accessories, offer the battery solutions to the companies that require long-lasting batteries. From the individual battery cells to the complete battery solution, we have everything to power your company with clean energy. We have designed batteries for almost every application that includes the electric vehicle to the aircraft.

You can also utilize our batteries to store excess energy and use it whenever you want to. Batteries manufactured by ARB accessories are famous due to their high energy with limited weight. Additionally, we provide high-performance batteries that come with long battery life for the different applications.

Battery Powered Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle industry has seen a sudden boost in their growth and revenue. In 2020, the electric vehicle industry has a share of around 40 billion dollars, with a growth rate of 20 percent. ARB technologies have created some exclusive batteries for electric vehicles. With the fast charging technology, they are the perfect substitute for the current vehicle batteries. We managed to manufacture these batteries with half the weight of the regular electric vehicle batteries.

General Electronics

The electronic devices require compact batteries that can deliver better performance with less space. The mobile and laptop batteries depend on the lithium-ion technology to provide the longlasting backup for the devices.

ARB technologies made some additional improvements in lithium-ion technology to provide a faster charging experience to these batteries. This plug and play solution is exclusively offered for our clients by us.

Solar Energy System

With the rise of the solar energy system, the demand of lithium-ion batteries has increased dramatically. It is because these batteries are the most compatible with solar energy. It can store clean energy with high efficiency in the performance. Additionally, ARB batteries have proven to perform better with the solar energy system.

Grid Storage

The new electric grids work on a technology that includes automatic grid control, balancing the load and current. In this arrangement, the grid automatically decreases the motor sync and keep it under balance when a load is added.

This technology is used by almost every generator in the form of a control signal. Additionally, it helps in generating more power to make up the fall of frequency earlier. The ARB accessories have considered this process and have created a technology that can provide quick power in case of a fall of power.

Telecom Applications

Towers of the telecom companies require the uninterrupted power supply. The lithium-ion battery is a solution for this application as it can store high voltage current for the telecom towers. Additionally, they have a longer life span than the diesel generators and are way more affordable than them.

The new technology of lithium-ion batteries has made it easier to cut some operations costs for telecom companies. According to research, the energy costs of a telecom company account for almost 33% of the total expenses. Hence, this technology can bring some changes in the way telecom companies operate.

Why Choose Us?

With hundreds of battery manufacturers, why would someone choose ARB accessories? Well, there are many reasons that our business partners find appealing in our organization.

Some of them are:

Complete Battery Solutions

We are not one of the companies that offer you limited solutions and expect you to compromise with your requirements. We understand your concerns and create a customized solution for your battery requirements. ARB provides its services even if you require an individual battery cell for your project. Additionally, we can provide complete battery packs that work for your requirements.

It is up to you whether you want the series or parallel combination of cells in your battery. Some of the business applications may require higher resistance, and we provide the solution without asking any questions.

Convenient Design With Advanced Safety

Lithium-ion batteries require the right design to get resistance with high efficiency. Additionally, the BMS system of our technology works to ensure safety factors and provide fire protection.

Mass Production WIth Tailored Solution

We are the leading manufacturers of batteries capable of handling mass production of your desired battery design. We can manage multiple projects while providing the right service and precise production to our clients. We never compromise with the technology or effectiveness of the battery for commercial purposes.

Battery Management System

Manufacturing and dealing in the Battery management system is one of our main focuses at ARB accessories. They can be used to monitor the state of change, function, and health of the battery. You can do all of this while charging and discharging it simultaneously.

Manufacturers of Electric Vehicle Battery

If you are a manufacturer of the electric vehicles, then you may have come across the battery space problems. Most of the time, the stock batteries do not go with the design of the vehicle that leads to compromises. However, we have a team of experts in designing that ensures you get the battery with enough to provide reliable performance.

Using a lithium-ion battery in your electric vehicle requires you to consider different factors. It includes the safety, efficiency, and recharging capabilities of the battery. Our professional will take you through all these factors and explain how we ensure that you get the right battery for your application.

Services for Global Sourcing and Supply Chain

The development of a product is one thing, and its management of global sourcing is another. Most of the business ends up messing with their product launches due to the lack of field knowledge of the concerned tasks. We manage the contract negotiation and supply chain to ensure the success of your product. Additionally, our experts in inventory management and stock calculations, ensure that there is enough material to fulfill the demand.

We went a step ahead to provide the services for procedures and laws to ensure you never end up in a legal problem. Our experts have extended knowledge of restrictions and regulations of doing business in India, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. It includes expertise in dealing with all levels to provide a smooth run for your business operations.

Manufacturing Management

We offer the manufacturing management services so that you can focus on creating some innovative designs while we take care of the production of your products. Taking care of different aspects of trading such as cost, lead time, negotiations, contracts, and stock management has been our field of expertise for the last few years.

Combination of Engineering and Marketing

With a team of professionals in engineering and purchasing, we are confident to handle your project with great success. We have started an initiative to offer both the services at the same place for your customers.

Development And Engineering Management

We provide experts in development and engineering management for the manufacturing of your product. ARB accessories can handle big projects with a diverse workforce. You need to consult with our experts on the design, and they will take care of the rest.

They have worked for some of the leading companies and have the experience to meet the launch dates for the products. Additionally, the quality and the cost-effectiveness of the manufacturing is assured.