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Lithium batteries are arguably the best solution for the most effective power storage system. They offer better power with an effective ratio for the weight and the size of the battery. You can expect them to provide 1.5x better current than its alternatives. That is the reason why you see the lithiumion batteries in every industry. However, they require proper care to maintain battery power and its lifespan. We, at ARB accessories, offer the battery solutions to the companies that require long-lasting batteries. From the individual battery cells to the complete battery solution, we have everything to power your company with clean energy. We have designed batteries for almost every application that includes the electric vehicle to the aircraft. You can also utilize our batteries to store excess energy and use it whenever you want to. Batteries manufactured by ARB accessories are famous due to their high energy with limited weight. Additionally, we provide high-performance batteries that come with long battery life for the different applications.

The new electric grids work on a technology that includes automatic grid control, balancing the load and current. In this arrangement, the grid automatically decreases the motor sync and keep it under balance when a load is added. This technology is used by almost every generator in the form of a control signal. Additionally, it helps in generating more power to make up the fall of frequency earlier. The ARB accessories have considered this process and have created a technology that can provide quick power in case of a fall of power.

Towers of the telecom companies require the uninterrupted power supply. The lithium-ion battery is a solution for this application as it can store high voltage current for the telecom towers. Additionally, they have a longer life span than the diesel generators and are way more affordable than them. The new technology of lithium-ion batteries has made it easier to cut some operations costs for telecom companies. According to research, the energy costs of a telecom company account for almost 33% of the total expenses. Hence, this technology can bring some changes in the way telecom companies operate.


The electric vehicle industry has seen a sudden boost in their growth and revenue. In 2020, the electric vehicle industry has a share of around 40 billion dollars, with a growth rate of 20 percent. ARB technologies have created some exclusive batteries for electric vehicles. With the fast charging technology, they are the perfect substitute for the current vehicle batteries. We managed to manufacture these batteries with half the weight of the regular electric vehicle batteries.

The electronic devices require compact batteries that can deliver better performance with less space. The mobile and laptop batteries depend on the lithium-ion technology to provide the longlasting backup for the devices. ARB technologies made some additional improvements in lithium-ion technology to provide a faster charging experience to these batteries. This plug and play solution is exclusively offered for our clients by us.

With the rise of the solar energy system, the demand of lithium-ion batteries has increased dramatically. It is because these batteries are the most compatible with solar energy. It can store clean energy with high efficiency in the performance. Additionally, ARB batteries have proven to perform better with the solar energy system.

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