Charge quickly, discharge slowly!

Go Green with ARB’s lithium-powered batteries!

The future of transportation is here with the advent of Electric Vehicles (EVs)! 

ARB’s ecofriendly lithium-ion and lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery provides a clean energy source that does not emit gases, fumes, and does not contribute to environmental pollution.

Lithium Benefits for EVs

ARB’s premium Lithium-Ion battery is half the weight of the traditional lead-acid with 2-3 times its power. Some of the benefits of these powerful batteries are as follows:

● Eco-friendly
● Fast & Safe Charging
● Maintenance Free
● Constant Power
● Drop-in Replacement
● Built-In Protection

Why will EV's rule the vehicle industry soon?

There are multiple reasons like:

● Energy-efficient

● Environmentally-friendly

● Low maintenance

● Great performance


EVs like E-Scooters use the lithium-ion phosphate battery pack that is light-weight and functional in design. They reduce operation and maintenance costs significantly as compared to gas-powered scooters.

Electric scooters manufacturers are planning to extensively use it across India, mostly in courier services, postal delivery, law enforcement, food delivery, etc. Our Lithium-ion battery packs can easily out-shine the traditionally used lead-acid and nickel-zinc batteries. Our batteries have better energy-to-weight ratios and are inherently safer to use. Due to our rigorous quality checks, we perform smoothly on various parameters like weight, vibration, and fastcharging. It has been more than 3 years since ARB is successfully providing reliable and safe battery packs to a renowned personal electric scooter manufacturer.

Benefits of Li-ion battery-operated scooters over engine-type scooters

Low-cost Maintenance

The current engine-type scooter in the market calls for frequent spend on fuel and maintenance. E-scooter, on the other hand, is a fuss-free investment due to negligible maintenance costs.

Convenient Maintenance Frequency

E-scooter boasts of no extra maintenance where the engine scooters need regular check-ups in terms of fuel, engine oil and oil filter changes, and other such issues.

Eco-friendly Ride

E-scooter grabs all the attention when it comes to technology for the future due to its zeroemission concept and working based on Li-ion batteries. Current engine scooters have contributed a lot to environmental pollution by releasing toxic gases while performing their work.

‘ARB can make your dreams of reducing operation costs, alongside working with a cleaner energy source a reality! We are the exclusive suppliers to many commercial vehicle manufacturing companies that share the same vision and ambition for a cleaner, brighter future in the EV market.’

E-Cycle / E-Bike

We provide Complete and Comprehensive Battery Solutions

ARB’s high-quality cell technology combined with its high capacity ensures a unique design and excellent performance for E-bikes


Significantly enhance driving distance

We provide A+ Garde Cells for E-bikes. These tremendously improve the E-bike's performance by boosting the total driving distance.

Flexible designs

The cells are so powerful that they allow compact battery designs, thus making battery packs light-weight and slim. It enables customers to develop varied and unique E-bike designs.

Excellent quality and inherently safe

Cell balance is a vital parameter that determines product quality in E-bikes due to a specific connection sequence (serial-parallel).

Be rest assured, at ARB, our impeccable cell balance technology creates uniform quality battery packs that are reliable, thus ensuring every E-bike performs optimally. They are perfectly safe as they undergo numerous quality checks before the final release. Our client portfolio includes many big players in E-bikes manufacturing and market-leading driving unit companies.

Battery Pack for E-Bike

Improved safety with Safety Protection Function

With battery cells ranging anywhere between 20 to 65 in number in a battery pack for an Ebike, the safe usage of the battery pack is a crucial parameter. ARB’s safety protection function automatically disconnects the electric power when it senses the battery might be in danger, thus ensuring a smooth ride.

Regenerative Charging to extend driving distance

Regenerative charging is an interesting and highly useful feature that converts wasted energy of the E-bike during downhill drives into electricity. It further boosts the E-bike’s power to run for longer durations and cover more distance.

Reduced Recharging Time

At ARB, we continuously improve and innovate in the field of EVs. We are currently working on a quick charging technology that has the potential to reduce the recharging time required for the battery pack from 150 minutes down to 30 minutes. That would be extremely convenient for our E-bike users.

Exclusive Customer Support by our development team

Our battery packs development team at ARB for E-bikes is forever ready and happy to connect to you professionally and respond to your queries and demands.