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Our pursuit of excellence guarantees quality components and quality product every time

Transition with us from environmentally harmful fossil fuels to clean green energy with our
products and services

Since being founded in 2015, ARB Accessories has made its mark in the field of lithium-ion battery solutions. We possess expertise in building custom lithium-ion battery packs. Apart from these, our range of products includes lithium-ion cells, EV Batteries, Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Adequate and efficient infrastructure, skilled professionals such as high-quality battery designers and assemblers ensure that we excel in our manufacturing processes and also in customer satisfaction.

Whatever be the needs and requirements of the clients, we bring our A-game to the table. Innovation and delivering products that aim to be the best possible solutions in the market is our motto.

High-Quality Standards is our pride

For us, quality is of paramount importance; hence elaborate assurance checks are conducted at peak performance to ensure all components function as desired. We take great pride over the fact that our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified. All our products meet the requisite industry standards, thus building trust with our customers.

Optimum Performance without hiccups

Your safety is our primary concern and priority. With ARB lithium products, forget all your worries regarding performance challenges and safety issues. Our state-of-the-art, perfectly engineered battery management system protects the device against over-temperature, overcharging, over-discharge, and short-circuit.

Global Collaboration for best delivery

Collaboration, ideation, sharing real-time information and expertise with teams across the globe are the most vital activities that make us truly a global enterprise with a worldwide reach. This set-up allows us to improvise quickly and deliver the best products and solutions to our clients.


ARB is confident of realizing this vision using its expertise and innovation

Constant improvements in technology today will yield better results tomorrow

In an interconnected world, energy storage technology also calls for interconnection!

ARB’s world-class team of engineers and professionals are very technically-sound in delivering practical solutions for industry challenges. We see tremendous opportunities in the field of interconnected energy storage technologies such as electric vehicles and off-grid power in the global market.

Unmatchable Expertise

Batteries usually tend to get overlooked in the design aspect of many products, but they constitute a crucial product component. We have the critical infrastructure like testing centers, R&D facilities, needed to boost battery production and design coupled with the industry’s brightest minds at work in battery designing. These experts give us an edge over our competitors in the field of manufacturing lithium-ion batteries.

Solution-oriented Collaboration

ARB’s engineers are known for building a good rapport with partners and customers alike. We work directly with you to thoroughly understand your requirements and then deliberate internally and with your business team to come upon the best possible solutions. We do not give up, nor do we have a reputation for disappointing our clients. Your challenges are opportunities for us to roll up our sleeves and get on the field to deliver the best for you.


ARB is your one-stop-shop for reliable, safe, and mobile energy storage and transportation

Our motto is to enable the world to move from fossil fuels to clean energy products that are sustainable and feasible

Our high-quality Lithium-ion technology and smart software tools will forever change the transportation model of goods, people, and energy.


● An excellent R&D facility, usage of leading technologies, and battery systems as per the global scenario and norms in the industry.

● Unique and in-demand customer value proposition using high-quality components and products.

● Teams led by experienced professionals and leaders with an impeccable track record in the energy and technology background.

● A diverse customer portfolio with a special focus on areas with untapped potential.

● Steady, organic growth propelled by successful recent business acquisitions and through ongoing integration with big business houses.

● Ability to cater successfully to high customer demands within the deadline.


Customer-centric approach

We need to make the customer feel satisfied and comfortable with our products, so we work closely with the client team to gather even the most minute details regarding their challenges and needs to deliver significant value. Similarly, we keep our suppliers in the loop as we innovate our products, their design, and processes. This solution-oriented mindset is one of our biggest strengths.

Solution-oriented mindset

At ARB, we design products keeping all the stakeholders like employees, customers, and communities in mind, whether it is our opposing terminal cell design or our battery management system. Safety at work and in our product design is a crucial part of our mundane best practices that we religiously follow.

Continuous improvement

A passion to be the industry leader and shell out sustainable and reliable products are what motivates us to continuously better our previous milestones and successes. At ARB, both employees and products must show consistency and reliability. ARB is not just interested in selling lithium-ion technology batteries, but we are enthusiastic about offering solutions in the field of energy storage and transportation. From chemistry and cells to mechanical, thermal control systems, we aim to create and deliver safe and innovative solutions to our customers.

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