ARB’s Lithium-ion energy technology promising an eco-friendly world is here!

We are enthusiastic and passionate about what the combination of battery storage and clean energy can achieve.

ESS is a fabulous choice for a clean & green Earth

Environmental degradation, climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions have been the talk of the town for a few years now. To protect our planet and its inhabitants, it has become imperative to switch from fossil fuels emitting harmful greenhouse gases to cleaner energy sources like solar and wind. The mass production and consumption of energy are at a revolutionary point in history! Energy storage systems are at the very crux of the matter!

Enjoy an optimized high power and energy-saving solution

It enhances the energy efficiency that, in turn, stabilizes the power supply system. Purchase a state-of-the-art ESS from ARB that runs long and guarantees a high power operation.

The primary purpose of an Energy Storage System is to store electric energy for future utilization and consumption.

Let us see exactly what these Energy Storage Systems and their operation...

Lithium batteries are capable of storing cheaper energy from a power grid instead of a renewable energy source. This stored energy can later be released and re-distributed across an area as and when needed.

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are also called Renewable Energy Storage. It is an advanced technology that uses Lithium-ion cells to capture and store energy generated from renewable energy sources like wind, solar, biomass, etc.

Such systems do not release any harmful emissions like those from non-renewable energy sources. They are therefore considered the future of a green energy technology that respects the environment.

Benefits of Energy Storage Systems

Value for money for the consumers

ESS works well to complement renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. The power generated by these green sources of energy might be irregular. ESS helps to stabilize such undesirable output and thus completes the whole system.

Significant cost reduction in setting up a transmission and distribution network

Power stored by the ESS can be utilized efficiently during peak demand hours. It significantly reduces the need for large investments in upgrading and setting up whole power transmission and distribution networks.

Facilitates grid operators in stabilizing the frequency

Li-ion batteries give a highly reliable and instant frequency response. Its biggest attraction lies in being a clean energy source and being unaffected by the market prices of fuel.

Reduces energy cost for residential and commercial consumers

The ability to store energy during non-peak times for usage during peak hours ensures a significant cost advantage on electricity bills. Moreover, ESS combined with solar PV helps to maximize consumption using this stored energy.

Enables adequate power transmission
from renewable energy sources

There are many transmission constraints when it comes to distributing the power generated through renewable sources like wind energy. It calls for a reduction by authorities in energy generated through the wind. Using ESS, the transmission obstruction can be relieved and renewable energy resources utilized sufficiently for commercial and residential purposes.

Partner with ARB to get an effective solution in the form of stored backup power for both commercial and residential purposes. Such storage reduces or even eliminates the clamor for power consumption at peak hours.

Solution for Residential Usage

As people all over the world become increasingly aware of the irreversible damage our home appliances are causing on the environment we live in, there is a growing demand for Energy Storage Systems. ARB’s Lithium-ion battery-powered systems help in reducing your electricity bills too, to a great extent, due to its highly efficient usage of power through storage. It further facilitates the presence of backup power in the event of an outage.

ARB has a diverse catalog of ESS products on offer to meet myriad building types and customer demands.

Solution for Commercial Usage

There is a wide range of establishments and commercial complexes that suffer from very high energy demands daily. ESS is a long-term strategic investment in such areas as a cost-effective, clean, and excellent source of energy. It will reduce your dependence on power grids; its battery storage capacity shall reduce the power demand at peak hours, ensuring a smooth run. Grid consumption may be utilized at off-peak hours if needed.

Want to save more on your electricity bills? Want to escape the rising fuel prices? Are you concerned about climate change and its direct impact on you and your family? Do you wish to generate some additional revenue through the usage of renewable energy?

The answer to all the above questions is ARB’s Lithium-ion powered Energy Storage Systems.

Off-grid/Micro-grid Solution

Lithium-ion batteries, coupled with solar PV installations, are ideal for almost all of your energy consumption needs. Thus they are capable of making you fully independent, especially in regions that might lack a power grid or in emergencies like continuous bad climatic conditions.

ARB’s lithium batteries allow the sharing of energy through a micro-grid for communities that are dependent on various distributed energy sources. Such micro-grids are the most suitable set-up for regions with no access to a power grid or when someone wants to disconnect themselves from the network.