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Privacy Policy


(Privacy, Information Sharing, Cookies and Links)

In this privacy policy, ARB accessories are termed as ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our’, and ‘this company’.

Person browsing the website is termed as “you” “your” and user.

The policy covers all the parts of this website, including the blog and other webpages. It will also include the product pages and the information provided through this website.

Visitor’s collected data (through our website) is termed as personal information. We use this term to describe your personal information- Name, Email Address, and other contact details.

You can find all the information related to the data that we collect and its use. It includes disclosure rights and the way we use this information. You can make a choice related to the use of your personal information on this website.

This page covers all the policies for the ARB Accessories website and its use.

However, the privacy policy applies to the information that we collect through this website. It may send you notification of the following:

What type of personal information we collect, whether it is personally identifiable, and how we use this data for your experience.

Information Provided By You

We collect some of your personal information for the website and its services.

It includes:

Contact information

Your Name, Business name, address, email address, and contact number

Order information

Shipping address, address for billing, preferred payment method, and its details

Marketing And Advertisement preferences and interests

Your preferences related to the marketing and advertising content that you may receive from us.

To improve your interaction with our support, we may collect some of the data that you share with us through any type of support

All other types of information

It includes the indirect information provided by you. For example- a comment on our blog post or the feedback to our products

If you provide incorrect information about you, we may not provide our website and its services to you.

Collection of Personal Information

We may collect some of your personal information while you use our website or services. It includes different aspects, including your online and technical activities on our website. Hence, this information can also be termed as the personal information of the individual.

Our website saves some of your personal information. It includes your IP Address, your service provider, your service provider’s IP address, network type, Your Internet browser, Operating System, operating system’s version, and the webpages that you visit on our website directly.

Additionally, we use some data to understand your behavior on our website. It includes your time spent on the website, number of pages visited, number of clicks. Sessions time, session frequency, date, files & content downloaded from our website, and time of your visit on our website. You can find the complete details on our Cookies section that covers the information stored on your device.

We depend on third-party services to use cookies and other tracking features.

When you visit our website, a little piece is information is saved on your computer.

Information such as browser type, login credentials, session time, number of pages, frequency of your visits, time spent.

 This data helps us improve your experience on our website on your future visits.

We store and use your information related to your activities on our website. Hence, ARB accessories, employees, business partners, and service partners can use your personal information for different purposes. However, we have a legal structure that monitors your data and ensures it is secured with us.

To fulfill legal duties, we may access your data.  It is also necessary to use this information to create a legal contract with you- sales and services. If you fail to provide correct or complete personal information, we may not offer our services to you.

We may share your data or information with:


ARB’s Service providers

All our suppliers, vendors, business partners who assist us in providing the service to you and other customers.

ARB’s Professional advisers

Accountants, advisors, and lawyers who assist you in managing your services with us

When the court is issued by the government organizations

When external agencies including the police and other third-parties require access to your information for legal reasons.

We may disclose your personal information in the following scenarios:

We store your data in our headquarters. Hence, if you are from any other country, your information will still be accessed from India.

We are the sole owners of the collected data through this website. However, we only collect the data you have entered through emails, forums, accounts, etc. We protect this information and do not share it with anyone.

We use this information to contact you in case of a notification or to reply to a query. Without any valid reasons, We do not share your information with third-parties. However, services like delivery are excluded from this statement,

We may also contact you about the latest notifications, product arrivals, and exciting offers available on our website. You can always choose to opt-out of these emails.

Your Access and Control Over Information

We respect your privacy and allow you to opt-out from listening from us again in the future. You can perform the following activities by contacting us:

  • Check your collected data on our website
  • Update or change your collected data
  • Request us to delete your data
  • Talk to us about your concerns related to your collected data


We ensure that we protect all your personal information stored on our website. After you submit your personal information, we securely store it on our offline and online storage portals.

We encrypt all your data to ensure it is safe on our portals. No one other than our employees can get access to your personal information without your consent. These employees can access personally identifiable information for billing and other service purposes only. Additionally, we keep the storage systems in a secure environment to ensure your privacy with us.

We also implement some physical, technical, psychological, organizational measures to ensure your data’s privacy from authorized users, sharing, or storing.

However, the transfer of information through the internet is not entirely secured. There are several risks that every file on the internet is exposed to. Hence, we are not responsible for any of the events that may happen to your information transmission process. We will take every possible step to ensure your personal information is never compromised through any event.

We store your information as long as the purpose requires it to storing that information. This period depends on the purpose and priority of the act. Application data protection law can ask for your personal information.


We use different types of cookies on this website. A cookie is a small piece of information stored in your storage devices to help us improve your experience on this website. For example- Using cookies allows us to provide you an option to log in to your account without entering your password after your first login. Cookies can also be useful in providing a better idea of our visitor’s interests to show them relevant information. We do not use cookies to identify someone- without any purpose.


This website may contain some links to the other third-party websites. You visit those websites on your own. We do not guarantee your privacy on the third-party websites.

Any third party (excluding our vendors) cannot access the data related to your personal information from our website. However, we are not responsible for activities other than this website. Third-party trackers work without our consent. Hence, we are not responsible for those activities.

Our website does not collect the data from the minors, knowingly. The use of this website states that you are not a minor. Your country determines this age according to its rules. Hence, any use of this website states that you have attained the legal age of your country. We cannot perform any check to know your age. However, we will still do everything to delete the information related to a minor, if any.

You can write to us if you are a minor and want to review or delete your personal information.

We regularly update our privacy policy on the same page. Hence, you can check them whenever you want. 

Please know that every policy is applicable after updated on this website.


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